The Lennox XP16 Heat Pump Review

Lennox is known for having the best heat pumps equal to any of the other top brands, and they always recommend some of their top units, of which Lennox X16 is one. It is known for exceptional home comfort and money-saving performance.

The unit is cost effective and reliable and comes from a company known for their innovation and quality. People have been putting their trust in Lennox for hundreds of years to make their lives more comfortable. Most Lennox XP16 heat pumps are sold either on-line or directly to customers by dealers who will also install them.

Features and Benefits

  • Affordability combined with high efficiency – two-stage system reaches top of the line efficiency ratings at affordable price – meets or exceeds EPA guidelines for energy efficiency.
  • Uses environmentally friendly R-410A refrigerant which is also chlorine free.
  • High Efficiency Outdoor Coil: This advanced outdoor coil decreases resistance to the transfer of heat from the inside of your home to the outside during the summer and vise versa in the winter. The result is superior comfort and energy efficiency from a single stage system.
  • Energy Efficiency: SEER ratings up to 16.50 and HSPF ratings up to 9.50. This rating exceeds the EPA standards for energy efficiency. The HSPF rating also exceeds the EPA standards for heat pump efficiency. This means that your heat pump will be heating your home instead of the energy being used up in the heat transfer process.
  • Energy Star qualified – Two-Stage Scroll
  • Lennox XP16 Heat Pump Compressor – able to switch between high and low stages means you conserve energy for when the weather calls for low output. Perfectly Balanced Direct- Drive fan delivers the quietest operation possible with its patent-pending design.

  • Dual-Fuel Option: Combine this system with your traditional gas furnace and experience a seamless transition between gas and electric heat. The system will automatically choose which unit would be more cost effective to use based on the demands of the season.
  • Sound Levels – reduces noise to as low as 74 dB which is far quieter than a standard heat pump
    Balanced Direct-Drive Fan – excellent performance and quiet reliability can be expected on any-kind-of-weather days. on the most : This energy efficient fan allows your heat pump to perform reliably and quietly on even the most demanding days.
  • Two-Stage Scroll Compressor – allows the unit to run in its low stage most of the time it is in use. Saves you money by not running on high when the temperatures don’t necessitate it.
  • Drainage Holes – it can be bad for a system to have water collecting in the base of the system on a rainy day, but the XP16 has got drainage holes which effectively directs water away from the system and to help keep rusting at bay.
  • Humiditrol – a dehumidification system to ensure more comfort and quality air.
  • PermaGuardCabinet – the XP16’s PermaGuard cabinet provides long-term protection against damage.
  • SmartHinge Louver Design – the cabinet can open quickly and easily for a technician to be able to reach all components from all sides for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Pricing – you won’t easily find pricing for the Lennox brand of heat pumps. When you look at reviews, however, you will find that pricing of the 2 ton heat pump will be about $1,679 while the 4 ton Dave Lennox Elite Series XP16 heat pump will be in the region of $2,339.
  • Warranty – the Dave Lennox Elite Series XP16 Heat Pump has a very wonderful warranty system. The compressor has a ten year warranty; all other internal parts have a five year warranty and a labor warranty of up to a year which may be extended.

In general it is very advisable to extend warranty on all the parts of the Lennox Elite Series XP16 Heat Pump because this will ensure that it is always in good condition and as such will provide good service for a very long time.

Lennox Warranty Information

  • 10 year limited compressor warranty
  • 5 year parts limited warranty
  • 3 year labor warranty
  • May be eligible for valuable 10-Year limited extended warranty coverage.